Are Professional Escorts Illegal?

When you think of Escorts you think of sexy women and men that escort men through certain activities. What most people don’t realize is the fact that there are many different types of escorts. I am going to give you some different types of escorts that you may not have heard of before such as: The Travel escort, the Sexual worker and the Secret agent. Lets jump into each of these categories to get a better understanding of what they are.

The Travel escort service is one that goes to various hotels and casinos and provides sexual services to customers. They generally will visit the location first and once a customer has paid for their time they escort them to the bedroom. The travel escorts may work for the benefit of a friend or relative but most often they will use their own services to earn money. In Vegas they are hired by high rollers and famous people. These types of escorts may have small or large parties where they provide entertainment for VIPs.

The most common type of escorts that we hear about are the ones that work for prostitution. Prostitution has been illegal in the United States since passed but still thousands of people work in this industry illegally. Most of the time the women that work as prostitutes do not have their own criminal background. They usually just started working as a prostitute at 18 or younger. Of course some can be teenagers that got caught with illegal drugs or alcohol.

Most of the time the ones that are prostitution charged and arrested are not the ones that advertise the business on the telephone or the internet. Many times the prostitution charges are made against the women that customers bring to them. The women that are arrested are the ones that advertise their businesses and the customers find out about it. It is usually the women that are the targets of the police and the prostitution units.

Escorts that travel on vacation with their clients are also considered to be in the same category as the prostitution escorts. When the escorts travel on vacation with their clients they usually do not work as prostitutes. Instead they travel as companionship. This means that they provide personal services such as riding, traveling, and catering. Their main purpose is to make the client feel comfortable during his or her vacation.

If you are traveling with a prostitute and decide to make sexual services or any other type of a service available that the escort provides you are breaking the law. The same is true when you hire an escorts to travel with you as a companion. Even though the prostitute may work in the sex trade you are still breaking the law. It is also against the law to hire a male escort to provide sexual services to you on vacation. The state of Washington State also has addressed this issue by making their laws very strict so that nothing is left to chance and there is no gray area.